The first appearance in the media, exactly 10 years ago


Macedonian coats of arms on the Internet on the first Macedonian webpage about heraldry

The webpage "Heraldry in Macedonia" is the work of a Macedonian enthusiast in heraldry and is a member of several international heraldry societies.

More than two years have passed since the only Macedonian webpage about heraldry (the discipline dealing with coats of arms) was set up. At the address http://heraldry.mol.com.mk, the visitors can be informed about the foundations of heraldry and the state of coats of arms in Macedonia.

The webpage "Heraldry in Macedonia" is the work of a Macedonian enthusiast, who got interested in heraldry in the 90s, while studying in the United Kingdom, a country with a rich heraldic heritage, and has studied this historic discipline ever since.

– This page is an attempt at popularisation of heraldry in Macedonia. In it there are coats of arms that are being used in Macedonia, or are connected to Macedonia in any way, but also information about heraldry in general – says Jovan Jonovski. He is a member of several international and national heraldry societies, as well as the initiator for the formation of a Macedonian heraldry society, which is in it's infancy.

On the page, which is in Macedonian and English, along general information about heraldry, Jonovski has put up four coats of arms that he created for individuals, as well as one that he created for a company. Special attention is paid to the traditional arms of Macedonia, the golden lion on a red field. There are also the coats of arms of several cities and municipalities in Macedonia, along with several links to webpages about heraldry.

Sasho Spasoski