Phaleristics (from Latin phalera, this term is also spelled as Faleristics, Phaléristique, Фалеристика or Falerystyka) is an auxiliary science of history which studies orders, medals, decorations and their systems (award systems in different countries, such as the British honors system, Russia’s honors system (Наградной системы России) or Japanese honors system (日本 の 名誉 システム) etc.

Field of interest of phaleristics also extends the study of the accessories of the orders and medals, such as strips (ribbon sashes) and miniature strips (ribbon bars), and granting certificates, diplomas and certificates of the awarded decorations and also examines the statutes of the orders. phaleristics examines decorations from their historical and sociological perspective, and in terms of history of art.

Besides the orders and medals, phaleristics also examines other marks and symbols that are closely associated with decorations, such as badges and pins designed mainly for civilian use. Finally, the term phaleristics can define activities in the field of collection of decorations – orders or medals and collectables of orders and medals.