About us

Macedonian Heraldry Society is the only professional body in the field of Heraldry, Vexillology, Phaleristics, Chivalristics and Nobiliar issues in Macedonia.


First to work on heraldry in Macedonia was academician Alexandar Matkovski, who published his research in the book “Arms of Macedonia, Apendix to the Macedonian Heraldry,” which was published the 1970. In the book, Matkovski document the presence of Macedonian Arms in a few Illyrian Arms found mostly on territories of former Yugoslavia. Matkovski follows the idea of Alexander Solovjev that Macedonian Coat of Arms is a product of imagination of Peter Ohmuchevich, who allegedly used these fabricated facts to prove his noble status. The book is a facsimile reproduced in 1990 when it popularized the heraldry in general and foremost, the Macedonian Land Arms: Gules, a lion double queued crowned Or; Over the shield crown.

Ten years later, the webpage “Heraldry in Macedonia” by Jovan Jonovski appears, which publishes Arms and citations from Matkovski book, in English and Macedonian. The site is soon complemented with Arms that are used in Macedonia: territorial, corporate and personal. The site began to publish information on historical, theoretical and general Heraldry. site A group of interested gathered around the Web site, mostly Macedonians from abroad. When sufficient number of interested finally gathered, in the summer 2003, Macedonian Heraldry association was.


The objectives of the association are:

1 Popularization of the Heraldrly.

2 Research of the heraldic heritage in and associated with Macedonia.

3 Design of arms, flags, orders and decorations.

4 Establishing of Heraldic Register that records old and new heraldic achievements (coats of arms, flags, badges)

5 Education in heraldry

6 Publishing



Popularization of Heraldry is accomplished through lectures, workshops, and presence in the media. First major activity was the lectures of heraldist Andre Vocial from France titled “Territorial Heraldry of France”, held on Easter 2004. Then followed a series of speakers from home and abroad. Among the lecturers from abroad were Dr. Stoyan Antonov, President of the Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology Society; prof. Dr. Ivan Balta of Faculty of Philosophy, Osijek, Croatia who repeatedly had their lectures, and Dr. Vujadin Ivanisevic from Bizanology Institute in Belgrade, Serbia.

Lectures on theoretical heraldry and practical training workshops were held in cooperation with several organizations. The biggest is a collaboration with the Museum of Macedonia and the project “Amazing World of heraldry,” during which three years lectures and workshops were held, and many high school students and other interested citizens were able to get first hand experience how to design Arms. Cooperation with the Museum of Macedonia is crowned by placing the “Heraldry in Macedonia” in the museum’s permanent exhibition.

Popularization of Heraldry and vexilolxogy and phaleristics is accomplished through the many articles in daily newspapers, appearances on broadcast media, and show on MTV about heraldry in Macedonia. For this purpose it is used and the official gazette of the association, “Macedonian Herald,” which was published in 5 issues, so far. Members, however, have published articles in specialized magazines of the Croatian and Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology company “Grb i Zastava”( Arm and Flag) and “Herold”.


Studies of the Macedonian Heraldry heritage is the central part of the activities of the association. The increasing availability of number of sources and documents on the Internet makes research easier, so from the comfort of their home can get to important data. However, research in the field is indispensable. So researches have been performed in archives, libraries, private collections in Zagreb, Stuttgart, Brussels, Washington.

Research results are exchanged and supplemented with colleagues from other countries on congresses and symposia, as well as discussion groups and forums.

Studies are published in Macedonian Herald which is bilingual, English and Macedonian, and besides printed edition are freely available online. Besides Macedonian Herald and already mentioned “Grb I Zastava” and “Herold” articles have been published in Serbian heraldic magazine “Glas Heralda” and “Ocilo “.


Macedonian Heraldry Society is engaged in designing Coats of Arms, flags, etc. Among the more important, are Arms on the institution President of the Republic of Macedonia and Arms of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. MHS continually comments on Municipal Coats of Arms, and sometimes was consulted in the selection of several municipal arms.

One of the activities of the MHS is establishing a register of heraldic achievements that are recorded old and new Coats of Arms. For registered Arms, MHS issues an appropriate matricula. They are also published in Macedonian Herald.

International Activities

One important aspect are the international activities. We gave also logistical support for the establishment of the Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology Society. The annual meetings of BHVS are regularly participates delegation of MHS.

President of the MHS attended the founding of the Croatian Heraldry and Vexillology association, with which develops professional cooperation and friendly relations. Collaboration has the Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle” and several other associations.

At the international level are the membership in international organizations. Since September 2010, on the 29th International congress on genealogy and Heraldic Sciences in Stuttgart, Germany, MHS became a full member of the International Confederation for Genealogy and Heraldry (CIGH)

On the 24th Congress of International Federation of Vexillology Associations (FIAV) in August 2011 in Washington, MHS became a full member of this prestigious organization.

Executive Board

President – Mr. John Jonovski, member of the Order and Medals Committee of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, member of the International Commission for the orders of Chilvary, an associate member of the International Academy of Heraldry. Editor of the “Macedonian Herald.”

Vice President – Petar Gajdov, Lawyer, head of the phaleristics section.

Secretary – Aleksandar Gižarovski, software engineer, head of the vexillology section, editor of “Macedonian Herald”.


• “The Amazing World of Heraldry”, Museum of Macedonia. 2007-2009

• Permanent exhibition “Heraldry in Macedonia”, Museum of Macedonia. 2009

• Arms of Alexander of Macedonia in European Arms, Ministry of Culture. 2010-2011