Creating Coat of Arms

The Macedonian Heraldic Society designs personal and family coats of arms.

They consist of a shield, a helmet with a mantle,  crest and a motto. Shield holders, large mantles and crowns without a crest are not allowed.

The process of creating and registering a coat of arms consists of three stages.

The first is to determine the blazon. It defines what will be on the back, with what colors, in what relation, position, etc.

The second is artistic drawing

The third is the registration of the coat of arms.

The first stage discusses your wishes for what should be presented on the back (story, history, yours or family, values, maybe profession or other interest, etc.), which is stated in the Request form. These ideas are then used in heraldic form with a few suggestions, first for the shield, then for the helmet and finally the motto.

Then, in communication with the petitioner, the final version is determined, for which a technical emblazon (drawing) is obtained. The technical emblazon is made with a professional heraldic clipart and petitioner receives bitmap drawings from the arms in all three forms (small, medium, large) practically in which you want a resolution. No vector file is obtained. Making the coat of arms with technical emblazon (drawing) as the coats of arms of

In case higher quality is required, then it goes to the second phase, you should hire a heraldic artist

Third is registration. The coat of arms is published on the official website, as well as in the next issue of the Macedonian Herald (published twice a year). Only the act of registration, setting up the site, and publishing in the Macedonian Herald. For this you get a simple A4 confirmation is included in the price of the workmanship.

There is a standard matrix (computer printed with special colors on special cotton paper, firmly embedded in a plush embroidered folder with silver

there is also the possibility of semi-luxury, by agreement (hand-painted, with calligraphic letter with gilded miniatures).

Procedure for making a personal / family coat of arms

The petitioner’s request is submitted on the standard form. The request is considered and assigned to the herald.

The herald contacts the petitioner for consultation on the design of the coat of arms.

The herald makes the blazon in accordance with the heraldic rules and traditions, taking into account the wishes of the petitioner that are in accordance with the heraldic rules and traditions, as well as with the standards of the Macedonian Coat of Arms.

Upon completion of the design / blazon, it is presented to the petitioner. After determining the blazon, the petitioner selects the heraldic artist, who performs emblazoning of the blazon.

In the process of emblazoning, the heraldic artist is in constant contact with the herald. The obtained coat of arms (coat of arms and emblazon) is ready for registration in the register of the Macedonian Coat of Arms.

Rules for making a coat of arms.

MHS has the right to reject a request for making a coat of arms if the petitioner requests a pretentious coat of arms.

MHS makes only civil coats of arms, and does not recognize foreign titles and rank symbols.

MHS recognizes only the orders and medals of the Republic of Macedonia.

All requests for inclusion of additional paraphernalia as well as augmentations and cadence signs must be documented, acceptable to MHS.