About us

Macedonian Heraldic Society deals with Heraldry, Vexillology, Phaleristics, Chivalristics and Nobiliar issues in Macedonia, and continues the tradition of Macedonian Heraldry Society


During 2000, the webpage “Heraldry in Macedonia” by Jovan Jonovski appears, which publishes Arms and citations from Matkovski book, in English and Macedonian. The site is soon complemented with Arms that are used in Macedonia: territorial, corporate and personal. The site began to publish information on historical, theoretical and general Heraldry. A group of interested gathered around the Web site, and in the summer 2003, Macedonian Heraldry Society was established, which existed until 2018. .


The objectives of the association are:

1 Popularization of the Heraldry.

2 Research of the heraldic heritage in and associated with Macedonia.

3 Design of arms, flags, orders and decorations.

4 Maintaining Heraldic Register of heraldic achievements (coats of arms, flags, badges)

5 Education in heraldry

6 Publishing


Macedonian Heraldic Society continues the following activities:

Popularization of Heraldry and vexillolxogy and phaleristics.
Studies of the Macedonian heraldic, phaleristic heritage associated with Macedonia.
Issuing of Macedonian Herald, which is bilingual, English and Macedonian, with international editorial Board.
Designing Coats of Arms, flags and decorations.
Up keeping of the Territorial – heraldic System.

Executive Board

President – Dr. Jovan Jonovski, member of the Order and Medals Committee of the President of the Republic of Macedonia (2009-2019), member of the International Commission for the orders of Chilvary, an associate member of the International Academy of Heraldry.

Vice President – Dr. Ivan Nacevski, Dentist, heraldrist.

Secretary – gen. Pavle Arsoski, General in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, Doctorate student in Institute of National History in the Military History Department.