12 years of the Register of Macedonian Heraldry Society


By registering on the Coat of Arms of the Macedonian Heraldry Society on 1.10.2004 begins the work on the Register of Coats of Arms of the Macedonian Heraldry Society.

Recording CoA into the registry of the Macedonian Heraldry Society is made only of heraldic CoA that meet heraldry rules, including the rule of uniqueness and unpretentiousness. Only citizens CoA are registered without supporter and a mantle of estate and do not recognize foreign titles and symbols of rank but only orders and medals of the Republic of Macedonia.

Register of Macedonian Heraldry Society has the status of a public document. Macedonian Heraldry Society publishes an extract from the Register as a proof of ownership of a blazon. The extract from the register of the Macedonian Heraldry Society has no status of a public document and is not proof of legal or other status of armiger.

Legislation in the Republic of Macedonia regulates only the area of the CoA of local governments. Thus, by recording CoA to the registry as a public document confirms the existence of CoA associated with the armiger. This document is accepted by most other heraldic associations.