16 Birthday of the Flag of the Republic of Macedonia

On 05/10/1995 on the 27th session of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, with 110 votes in favor, one against and 4 abstentions the Law of the flag of the Republic of Macedonia was adopted. In the discusion participated Sali Ramadani, who sought the law to be for the FLAGS of Macedonia, taking into account the flags of the nationalities in Macedonia.
The second participant in the debate was Tomislav Stojanovski, who put forward a proposal of its own flag design that he showed before MPs on red three golden rays, which represent the Macedonian diaspora in Europe, America and Australia. Both proposals were not accepted.
The whole session, which also adopted a Declaration condemning the assassination attempt on President Kiro Gligorov, lasted 40 minutes, which means that all parliamentary groups had previously agreed to change the state flag.
Article 2 of the Act reads: “The flag of Macedonia is red with gold – yellow sun. The sun is with eight rays that span from the solar disk extending to the edges of the flag. The diagonal, horizontal and vertical rays cross.. The diameter of the solar disk is one-seventh the length of the flag. The center of the sun coincides with the point at which the diagonals intersect the flag. The ratio of width and length of the flag is two to one. ”
In addition to art and gives a graphic display of the flag.