25 Years of the Official Proposal for the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Macedonia

After the Constitutional Commission, headed by Tito Petkovski, did not like any of the received proposals at the competition for the Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Macedonia, asked the three selected authors to offer a Coat of Arms and a flag with the same sun design. Thus, this is the only proposal from the Constitutional Commission that entered the parliamentary procedure after VMRO-DPMNE did not support Todor Petrov’s proposal for the same 16 short sun from the flag to be found on the Coat of Arms. The proposals with a lion were never supported by the Constitutional Commission, which was in charge of the process of selecting proposals for Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem. At the first continuation of the 41st meeting held on 1.8.1992, in the heated discussion, no vote at all took place..

Jovan Jonovski