Begginings 2003-2005

The interest for the heraldry in Macedonia is growing in the last years. As the main promoters for this interest is the book “Coat of Arms of Macedonia” by Aleksandar Matkovski and the web site “Heraldry in Macedonia” by Jovan Jonovski.
The book “Coat of Arms of Macedonia” is published in 1970. It research the presence of the Macedonian Coat of Arms in several roll of arms found on the territory of the that day Yugoslavia. The part regarding the general heraldry is very poor.
The main idea of the book, apart from the published information regarding the presence of the Macedonian arms, is that the late is product of the fantasy of Petar Ohmucevic, which used this fabricated fact to prove his noble status.
This book does not close the question on the Macedonian Arms, on the contrary, it opens it. A vast research is still to be done on all other sources that Matkovski has not researched.
The second promoter to the increase of the interest for heraldry is the site “Heraldry in Macedonia” (heraldry.mol.com.mk) whose author is Jovan Jonovski, established in 2000. It covers the issue of the Macedonian Arms in the past and present. There could also be found arms used in Macedonia, territorial, corporative and personal. It also contains info regarding the heraldry in general.
This last promoter has gathered the critic mass for a more organized activities, in the summer 2003 the Macedonian Heraldry Society was established, to fulfill the vacuum in this area. The main aim of the society is to elevate the heraldic understanding. The heraldic understanding is on a very low level, which is proved for instance with the so cold “arms” of the municipalities, which has not much in common with heraldry. Ant the most important question, Macedonia still has not Coat of arms although 14 years has passed. The reason should be sought in the total heraldic ignorance of those responsible for this issue.
The main aim is achieved through the following objectives:
1.    To increase the interest of general public for heraldry,
2.    Researching of the heraldic heritage of or connected to Macedonia,
3.    Designing armorial bearings, flags and decorations,
4.    Establishing register for armorial bearings,
5.    Enabling heraldic education,
6.    Publishing heraldic books,

Some of the activities realized so far:
Lectures on “The municipal heraldry in France”, with guest lecturer, Andre Wocial from France.
Applying to a tender for the decorations when Petar Gaydov, the secretary won first prize for the Order of Merit for the Republic of Macedonia.
Production of sigilum replica for the memorial center in Pelince and in the Parliament of Macedonia in cooperation with the Museum of Macedonia and company AGENS
MHS has established a register of armoral bearings in which old and new armoral bearings are being recorded. For the registered armoral bearings MHS issues appropriate matricula. Armoral bearings registered will be published in the next issue of  Macedonian Herald, as the gazette of MHS.

(Macedonian Herald #1, 2005)