Lectures on Symbols and heraldry in a Elementary School

Recently, Stojance Veličkovski of MHS, was invited to the regional primary school in the village of Ilinden. Konopnica Kriva Palanka
as a heraldic author to hold a lectur before the students on symbols and heraldry.
The lecture, which took place on December 3, was held so students zan expand their knowledge of symbols and method of making same.
By the teacher had Jovevski Good introduction to the symbols of the Republic of Macedonia, presented the students who managed to find the theme of iternet.
Veličkovski (in his capacity as a former pupil at the same school) has presented the need for matching symbols, their development in history as the present application.
Also, curious students were presented heraldry and heraldic basic rules for creating coats of examples and illustrations from the World Herald.
In addition, they were shown of the Arms and flags of municipalities, family and personal arms, logos, trademarks that as the author has prepared Stojance Veličkovski as the emblem / coat of arms of the President and the MOC, where Veličkovski appears as coauthor.
Students are particularly interested in the symbolism of arms and flag of the municipality of Kriva Palanka.
Finally students have pledged to create a custom simblol / emblem of the Department and dekakje establish on-line connection via the internet to listen to suggestions and opinions of heraldic author.