First Steps 2005-2007

Last issue of Macedonian Herald was promoted on the lecture titled: “The Wonderful World of Heraldry” held at the Museum of Macedonia in May 2005. Soon after, MHS has raised its voice against braking of the basic heraldry rule, later taken as well in vexilology, that a single flag could not be used by two parties at same time. This is regarding the Government decision to allow minorities to use the undifferentiated flags of their mother countries. MHS brought up a proposal of minimal differentiation of the flags the mother countries, which will show the belongings of a minority, but at the same time will show the identity as a co-bearer of the suzerainty of the Republic of Macedonia. After this press conference a number of newspaper articles followed as well as participation in many TV debates etc. This brought popularity of the MHS at its highest.
Other important moment is the involvement of MHS in the attempt of heraldisation of an already voted proposal for Coat of Arms of municipality of Butel. MHS together with the author and municipal administration came to a acceptable solution, but unfortunately, the Municipal Council consider themselves experts enough to act on this matter, so all our efforts were in vain. We hoped that the Biro for protection of industrial property will recognize the Macedonian flag in the given proposal and will act according the law, but unfortunately it did not happen.
Our activities continued in the same direction and MHS was asked to do heraldisation of the present coat of arms of City of Skopje, but with no changes to its concept. MHS gave two suggestions, one was total heraldisation and other was correction in the area of heraldic art. We still have no answer from the city authorities on the status of our proposals.
One important aspect of MHS activities are ones done internationally. MHS gave its support to the colegues from Bulgaria, resulting in logistical support for forming of  Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology Society. The President of MHS was present on the founding meeting, and on the yearly assembly was present with a three person delegation.
MHS represented by its President was present at the founding of the Croatian Heraldry and Vexillology Society, with which develops a expert and friendly cooperation. This relation was deepened by visit of MHS’ vice president.
MHS vice president also visited College of Arms and The Heraldry Society in London, where new contacts were establish and old one strengthen.
MHS is preparing for the mutual project with the Educational Department of the Museum of Macedonia for lectures and workshops on heraldry, with experts from the region taking part.

(Macedonian Herald # 2, 2007)