Municipality of Sveti Nikole
Arms of urban municipality

Registered under number 7/2014 on 31.12.2014


Per bend sinister Vert and Or, a pastoral staff cross counterchanged.

Mural crown of three towers Or, central tower gated.

Wheat stalks interweaved with ribbon Vert with bar Or.

Stojanche Velichkovski

Stojanche Velichkovski


The hope that the Ovche Pole region will be generous and it will bestow an abundant harvest is the main determinant off of which the colors are derived: green – the color of hope and golden-yellow – the color of generosity, that fully match the iconic traits of St. Nicholas.

The Sveti Nikole Cross is made up of two parallel placed pastoral staff which are set in such a way that the four sides of the cross resemble the horns of a ram, which symbolizes and visually locate Sveti Nikole as the center of the Ovche Pole region.