Serious activities 2007-2009

Since the last issue of Macedonian Herald, published two years ago, many events happened. Cooperation with the Museum of Macedonia continued, with several lectures and workshops, in coordination with the MHS member, Lena Angelkoska. The subject Heraldry, at the Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Art History and archeology, held by dr. Snezana Filipova, former vice president of MHS, is going more and more interested students.
In this period, heraldry was present in the media. A dozen newspaper articles followed related to heraldry in general as well as the State and municipal Coats of Arms. Many of these articles can be found at Herald Jovan Jonovski was a guest on several television broadcasts, speaking on heraldry, especially on the Coats of Arms of Macedonia.
Apart from the lectures and workshops at the Museum of Macedonia, similar events happened in cooperation with the Exodus student organization.
A Commission of MHS took part in analysis of the three proposals for Coat of Arms of Municipality of Kriva Palanka, which the Commission for establishing of Municipality Coat of Arms and Flag had chosen from the proposals submitted to the Public Call, after which heraldic analysis was completed.
As to international activities, the President of MHS visited the Croatian Heraldry and Vexillology Society on the occasion of the lectures of Josip Kolanovic “Coat of Arms of the Units of Local self-government.” There he met Valt Jurecic, a prominent Slovenian heraldist. The Herald of MHS has visited the Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology Society, which took part in preparation of the exhibition in Veliko Trnovo, on  one hundredth years of Bulgarian independence. The Herald also visited the Serbian Heralrdy Society “White Eagle”, whose President and Head Herald, Dragomir Acovic, at the Book Fair in Belgrade, in November 2009, presented his grandiose work, the book Heraldry and the Serbs, which with its 800 pages and more than 2600 illustrations becomes the most serious heraldic work in this part of the world.
On October 31, 2007, at the Annual Assembly, a new Executive Board was elected. For President, Jovan Jonovski, MTh, was re-elected. For Vice- President, for the office of Dr. Snezana Filipova, Kiril Trajkovski, MA, archeologist and consultant to Museum of Macedonia was elected. For Secretary, Petar Gajdov was re-elected.
An extraordinary event in the promotion of heraldry in Macedonia, especially in its heraldic heritage, is placing heraldry as a part of the permanent exhibition in the Muesum of Macedonia. The main advisor for gathering and choosing the presented material is the Herald of MHS. From his quill started to appear “the Heraldic Alphabet” dedicated to historical, theoretical and practical heraldry.
In the Register of Coat of arms of MHS, several personal Arms were recorded, several of them shown on the back cover of this issue of Macedonian Herald.

Macedonian Herald # 3, 2009)