Coat of Arms of the President of the Republic of Macedonia

On 02-12-2009, the President of the Republic of Macedonia received the CoA of the  office. It presents Spanish red shield which is set eight pointed divergent golden sun, lined with red the shield is bordered counter charged.
Beneath the shield two crossed branches of Macedonian oak (Quercus Macedonica) are placedwith 8 petals and 8 acorns.

Arms of the President of the Republic of Macedonia contains two symbols, the sun is an ancient symbol of Macedonia and it is represented on the flag and anthem of the Republic of Macedonia.

Second, the  floral symbol is the endemic oak,  Macedonian oak, known by its characteristics, especially toughness and resilience to external influences.

The idea of ​​the sun is taken from the flag of the Republic of Macedonia, but here the thickness of the gold spokes and the spaces between them is equal.

The use of the flag with the sun in the emblem of a state function in accordance with the Law of Arms, Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Macedonia.

The emblem is the work of authors Stojance Veličkovski, Peter Gajdov and Jovan Jonovski, members of the Macedonian Heraldry Society.

The authors received technical support from Alexander Kurow from Germany, Russia Victor Lomancov, Zeljko Hejmer from Croatia, and  Stoyan Antonov from Bulgaria, international experts on  heraldry  and vexillology (the study of flags).