Creativity 2010

Following the opening of the exhibition on Macedonian Heraldry at the Museum of Macedonia and the lectures of Herald Jovan Jonovski, several interviews followed on domestic and foreign television stations. Following this came the documentary program on heraldry in Macedonia, also featuring Dr. Snežana Filipova on Macedonian national television.
In May we presented the results of all three modules of lectures and workshops at the project called “Amazing World of Heraldry”. Shortly after, at the request of the President, Gjorge Ivanov, MHS was comissioned to define the  insignia of the Office of the President. The team included President Jovan Jonovski, Secretary Petar Gajdov and Stojanče Veličkovski. Veličkovski had several interviews in the printed and electronic media regarding the initiative for popularization of the Macedonian Oak (Quercus Macedonica) as a floral symbol of Macedonia.
Next was the work on the Coat of Arms of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, this time in a team that, beside the herald, included the heraldic artist Stojanče Veličkovski. More detail on these two projects can be found in articles published in this issue.
After the initiative to remove the five-pointed star from the State “Coat of Arms”, many articles, interviews and comments followed,  but MHS was not officially contacted by the authorities in connection with the change of the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Macedonia.
Two visits took place. In February we received  Dr. Stoyan Antonov, already well known to the Macedonian heraldic public with several of his lectures. Later we had the honour of welcoming Dr. Ivan Balta from Osijek, Croatia. Both experts received honorary memberships in MHS.
As part of the international cooperation of the Society, a delegation from MHS was present at the Annual Assembly of the Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology Society. MHS applied for membership in the International Confederation of Heraldry and Genealogy and is expected to be admitted as full member at the General Assembly of the Confederation to be held within the 29th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic and Sciences in Stuttgart, Germany, in September 2010.

(Macedonian Herald # 4, 2010)