Review of the Process of Adoption of the State Symbols of the Republic of Macedonia in 1992

The process for determining the coat of arms, the ag, and the anthem. actually started with public competition for the selection of their content/design. Proposals for a law were then presented, followed by a series of amendments by the MPs to the design of the coat of arms and the ag, with the anthem remaining unchanged. The three best entries from the public competition for the coat of arms and ag did not nd themselves in the further procedure, but the concept of a coat of arms and a ag with a new design of the sun was introduced. In the whole process, for a ag, out of six types of proposals, three used the sun, two used a lion, and one used the existing coat of arms. Out of 23 proposals for the coat of arms, there were 16 types of arms—half with a lion and half with a sun. In the end, the greatest support was for the concept of a ag and a coat of arms with a 16-rayed sun, suggested by Todor Petrov. The ag was voted on, but for the arms no consensus was reached.