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Coats of arms from Macedonia on the Internet  on the first heraldic
site “Heraldry in Macedonia” is the work of Macedonian – an enthusiast who deals with heraldry and is a member of several international associations heraldic

On the Internet more than two years is the only site dedicated to the Macedonian heraldry – the discipline that deals with arms. The site address http://heraldry.mol.com.mk, where visitors can be informed about the basics of heraldry and coats of arms  in Macedonia.

The page “Heraldry in Macedonia” is the work of Macedonian enthusiast, who took an interest in heraldry in the nineties of the last century, with his stay in Britain, a country with rich heraldic tradition ever since diligently examines the historical discipline.

– This page is an attempt at popularizing the heraldry in Macedonia. It includes arms that are used in Macedonia or associated with it, but information on heraldry in general – explains Jovan Jonovski. He is a member of several international and national associations and heraldic initiator establishing Macedonian Heraldry Society, which is under formation.

Jonovski’s  site, which is in Macedonian and English, despite initial information on heraldry, placed four Arms that he created for interested individuals and one that he made for a company, particular attention was given to the traditional COA of Macedonia, the golden lion on a red field. The site shows the Arms of some cities and municipalities and some foreign heraldic links to web pages.
Saso Spasovski

DNEVNIK, 18 February, 2003