Municipality of Sopishte with new Coat of Arms

At the 10th session of the Council of the Municipality of Sopishte held on 29.9.2023, a new coat of arms of the Municipality was adopted.

According to the provided description, the coat of arms of the Municipality of Sopishte uses heraldic symbols derived from Macedonian history, traditional landmarks, cultural heritage, natural rarities and geographical features of the Municipality of Sopishte.

The central element of the coat of arms is a stylized Goddess – Mother with peculiarities of the one found in the territory of the Municipality of Sopishte, in Govrlevo. The element emphasizes the long and rich history of the municipality and represents an original expression recognizable and characteristic of Sopishte. Other elements are grape and cherry blossom. They symbolize the wine and fruit-growing tradition of the municipality, for which it is recognizable. The oak branch under the shield also represents the oak forests in the municipality.

The coat of arms is made in accordance with the Macedonian Territorial Heraldic System, which represents a unique heraldic system of rules and practices in which each municipal coat of arms occupies a precisely foreseen and recognizable place. Other coats of arms in the country were made according to this system.

According to the Macedonian Territorial Heraldic System, the coat of arms of the Municipality of Sopishte consists of the following parts: a standardized shield, a rank palisade crown for municipalities based in rural areas and a floral wreath.

The coat of arms has three representations: lesser, only a shield; middle shield with palisade crown; and  greater, shield palisade crown and floral wreath.


Or, mother goddess Gules, on a bordure Gules 4 cherry blossoms Argent seeded Or and 4 bunches of grapes.


Palisade crown Or


Oak wreath Vert wrapped with  ribbons Gules and Or

Blazon: Ivan Nacevski

Emblazon: Jovan Jonovski